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Hoodman Eyecup vs JJC for Sony a7iii a7riii a9 | REVIEW

As much as I like Sony Cameras, I extremely hate their viewfinder eye cup! It is hard, solid and uncomfortable for long photo shoots. I particularly use the viewfinder for most of my shoots. If you shoot in live view mode using the screen skip this video and watch another on the channel.

I choose to order the JJC eyecup first, it looks like to the expensive Hoodman. Similar shape and function I suppose, and even half the price. On this channel, we make gear reviews and photography tutorials, so if you’re new here consider subscribing. Both eycups turn 360 degrees. Technically the difference starts from the rubber material. JJC rubber is hard, Hoodman is much much softer, close to baby skin.The major difference that changes the whole game is the eyecup frame. Will clear this to you, JJC has a square frame and seems to be bit smaller than the viewfinder. Thus when looking through the EVF it blocks the sides.

Hoodman frame is circular and significantly bigger than the EVF frame. This may not show 100% in videos but it exists in reality. On the other hand, Hoodman back frame is a bigger match and fit the camera EVF frame size. JJC isn’t is smaller and has nothing to do with the comfort or affecting other things. Just worth the highlight.

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