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Sony Zeiss 16-35 f4 vs Canon 16-35 f4

16-35 is the first lens I pack for traveling.16mm focal length is insanely nice on FULL FRAME Cameras. I just love it. As Landscape and Cityscape Photographer I do image bracketing and use a tripod most of the time. On the other hand, I need sharp picture from edge to edge, so I shoot all my images at f8 and 11. I don't need the extra stop on f2.8 version and extra weight while traveling. That's why I choose f4 lens instead f2.8 version. As I'm testing both lenses, Couldn't come with a proper conclusion. Sometimes Canon 16-35 is doing a better job and some other times Sony Copy is beating Canon.


01:26 Lenses in Hand and Specs

03:29 Image Quality

05:50 Chromatic Aberration

06:21 Sharpness Test

07:35 Lens Flare

08:22 Image Stabilization

08:53 Final Thoughts

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