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MACRO Lens vs Extension Tubes

Did you ever try Extension Tubes? Significantly cheaper than Macro Lenses, such as 90 and 100mm. The tubes make the job done, but aren't functional as Macro Lenses. Watch the video to learn more.

I've got here a Canon 100mm f2.8 L IS 100 is narrow focal length, Believe me, your hand gonna shake and the shakiness will show up blurriness in the pictures if your shutter speed is low.. I mean by low: less than 1/150 Follow these steps to ensure having sharp images: 1- Turn on IS image stabilization if your lens has IS. 2- Or set the shutter speed at least as double as the focal length. 1/200 shutter speed for 100mm. The lens I have here claim to has 2 to 4 stops stabilization. Fantastic, You can lower shutter speed to 1/50 without issues.

MACRO EXTENSION TUBES 50mm the nifty fifty is the best lens to adapt to Extensions Tube. Unfortunately, the focus only covers narrow focus range. So you keep moving the camera back and forth to catch the focus and make the image happens, it is a headache.. Extension Tubes comes in different sizes. The bigger the size is, the more magnification it makes. You can use it independently or together. So technically you get more zoom than 100mm lens when using multiple extension tubes together.

Overall, Macro lenses are much easier and faster to use. But way more expensive than extension tubes. I got extension tubes and had fun with it when I wanted to try macro photography in the past. Can still enjoy it and get better images when using a tripod. But at the end of the day, it not convenient and harder to use with the narrow focus range. Cheers!

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