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BEST Portrait Lens Sony 85mm f1.8 + Free Lightroom Preset

In this Video, I'm testing Sony 85mm f1.8 at the widest Aperture and will discuss why the G Master version doesn't worth the extra money.

However, this lens worth every penny you pay for it. It’s the ultimate portraiture lens you need. And my friend Kamilia will be modeling for us today. Shout out to Kamilia, make sure to follow her on Instagram

Lightroom Preset Download Link + Catch me on instagram: + Kamelia's instagram:

For many reasons… I never and would never consider buying G master 85mm f1.4 The f1.8 version is not only great, but it’s also amazing.. $600 lens - Super sharp at f1.8 and has customized button and Very light.. 370 grams The f1.4 version is much heavier and 3 times the price.

I mostly shoot at f1.8 when doing full shots, and I just drop it down a bit to f2.2 when doing medium and close up, to insure having more of the face in focus.

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