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Sony a7 iii Long Exposure Hot Pixel WARNING

How bad is Sony a7 iii Long Exposure ?!

The a7 iii has received numerous positive reviews, and mostly none mention this issue! Except for one article. Well, This is the story.. and If you don’t know me I live in Dubai. Last week I travelled 5 hours by car to this beautiful coastline notches in the Country of Oman. Arrived in pitch dark midnight, and since I love making Astro Photography, so why not now! Unfortunately, the Milky way is invisible at this time of the year.

However, I've been using Sony a7 iii since last April and absolutely I done long exposure images many many times, but... didn't notice any of these annoying colored noise in my images before! It tends to be visible mainly in low light conditions and even more in such irregular long exposure. Eventually, and after the trip is over I started googling to find this coloured noise is called Hot Pixel, it is a common flaw among Sony Mirrorless Cameras, and Sony fixed it in some previous cameras such a7rii. It is barely known and only few people know about it.

Let me know your experience with Hot Pixel if you have any, and did you come up with another solution ?

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