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Hero 7 Black vs Hero 5 Black Ultimate Review

In today's video, I'm comparing the new Hero 7 Black with the 5 Black side by side, in all terms starting from Image Quality to Video and Audio Quality.. The upgrade from the HERO4 Black to the HERO5 Black was a big jump, while hero 6 didn't offer remarkable offer much new feature over the hero 5. I own the hero 5 and honestly never considered upgrading to the 6. But the new Hero 7 came with new improvements. Mainly in video stabilization, HyperSmooth as called. Gopro is counting on that, and advertising the stabilization very much in this camera. So let's test this thing out! FIRST IMPRESSION On the outside, they are basically the same with some minor differences. Hero 7 is color is darker, but I still like the hero 5 texture over the flat look on hero 7. From the inside, the menu layout has been changed, looks better now and far more responsive. You can switch for example from video mode to photo in one swipe, while in Hero 5 you will spend at least 2 3 seconds if you decided to do it in the menu. When it comes to stabilization, the new Hero 7 is remarkable.. The stabilization in Gopro Hero 7 Black is not 100% as advertised, Hero 7 Hyper-smooth is only available in 4k 30fps - 2.7k 60fps and 1080 60fps 1080 120fps and 4k 60fps has Standard Stabilization instead. And Stabilization is totally disabled in 1080 240fps and 2.7k 120fps Video Quality The new Hero 7 offers higher bitrate in videos: 78 Mb/s, while the Hero 5 can do only 60 Mb/s. Hero 7 Auto White Balance looks far better and more realistic than Hero 5 colors. Hero 7 footage looks sharper, brighter and more contrasty. The sharpness eventually looks to me applied digitally in the camera. I don't like it that much anyway, it could be better! In low light situations, Hero 7 applied digital noise reduction to videos which affect the quality and reduce sharpness in general, while the hero 5 looks far better in low light. Winning card goes to Hero 5 Image Quality This is an action camera, you absolutely need it to do all the job in AUTO Mode, while you're enjoying life. Dynamic Range Most activities will be outdoor, And when facing the sun, the new Hero 7 offers better Dynamic Range and better colors in general. The auto white balance is not similar in both cameras. I tried to match manually Hero 5 white balance with Hero 7 in RAW Files at 4 thousand 650 Kelvin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, Hero 5 has cold colors at the same white balance value, which means the New Hero 7 has different color science. Hero 7 image quality looks better, sharper and brighter in standard situation like this. The other test will be in Low Light Both Cameras have been fixed on a tripod, set to Auto, and 16 hundred Maximum ISO. Will test handheld shots next. Well, both cameras have applied noise reduction to JPEG images and it looks terrible, while the GPR Raw files are sharper and noise reduction free. You easily can see more details in GPR Raw files.. Taking pictures in low light will reduce the shutter speed and any little shake you make will show in the picture. However, Hero 7 produces sharper images, because of the better stabilization it has. The following pictures taken handheld. Hero 7 has better control on lens flare, and looks slightly sharper. Winning card goes to Hero 7 THE NEW ZOOM SLIDER Hero 7 Field of view in Photo Mode is limited to Wide and Linear, while in Hero 5 you find narrow, medium, linear and wide. And new zoom slide bar is added to the hero 7 in Video mode , and when zooming in, technically you reach the same zoom level of medium and narrow same as the hero 5. So it’s like the same thing but different way. the Zoom slide bar is only available in 1080p and 2.7k when the field of view is set to wide and linear. And it’s disabled in 4k and in super-wide field of view as well. NEW FEATURES Hero 7 Black has some other new features such hyper-lapse video with stabilized motion time-lapse. Portrait orientation in video mode and an option to film 15 or 30 seconds limited duration for social media. Conclusion If you don't own a GoPro at all and willing to buy one, definitely get the new Hero 7. But if you have a Hero 5 Black and consider upgrading I can not help you that much. Me, I'm not upgrading to Hero 7. It depends on each one of you and on what's you're looking for. Whether you're willing to buy Hero 5, 6 or 7 Please Use the affiliate links in the description down below with no extra cost for you. This helps the channel and me keep making videos. Make sure to hit that like button. and to subscribe for more videos. This is Oma, Thank you again and have a great shooting.

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