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Is Sony KIT LENS 28-70 any better than ZEISS 24-70 f4 ?

If you recently switched to a7 3, you probably got the kit lens with it. This is a detailed comparison side by side that shows the difference between the kit lens and Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f4.

I got the kit lens first and have been told Hey don't waste your money, don't get it isn't good as you think. I made my call to buy it, was curious to test this thing out. It worked well on my a7 3 got decent results until the time I tested it Night with Flash. oww man didn't expect it to be that bad! what is going on! It was the moment I start thinking should get rid of this guy now. Started thinking for a replacement and that was the time when people are suffering from Tamron 28-75 f2.8 autofocus. Tamron fixed that later, However, Zeiss 24-70 f4 was the option though. So who's the kit lens is for?

Well, I believe it suits landscape and walk-around photographers who would have a zoom lens in the bag without breaking the bank, and afford shooting only at f8 when quality and sharpness is your matters. I found the quality at f8 is crisp and very close to Zeiss copy.I do personally prefer 24-70mm over the kit lens. Fixed f4 aperture and 4mm wider focal length do matter to me.On top of that, not getting that bad look when taking images in low light conditions with flash.

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