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NEVER BUY Variable ND Filter for Photography

Do not buy Variable ND Filter for Photography. You may disagree or have another point of view .. But after watching this you're changing your mind !! If you think Variable ND Filter is the BEST option to save money. Unfortunately, it is the worse decision you make for your photography. As you watch this video you technically know what an ND Filter is.

But a VND works bit different, it controls the darkness of the filter just by twisting one part of it. That is cool .. Controlling the light as much as you want

Unfortunately, the way has been built make it useless for photography. Well, It is technically made of two parallel polarizers that block very little light, but when two of them are at 90 degrees to each other will block almost all light traveling through them. And that's obviously introducing an "X Effects".

Most VND filters are from 1 to 10 stops. The X effect starts showing up when blocking 4 and 5 stops. The Image definitely becomes unusable at 6 and 7 stops.

Landscape Photographers use ND Filter to smooth water or the clouds in their pictures...and unfortunately, the X effect shows up more with wide angle lenses.

STC VND 16-4096 STC VND ND2~1024

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