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Here is my favorite $35 High Quality ND Filter! Zomei ND1000

So I've been looking for a replacement for my Hoya ND1000 Filter that got moisture in it weeks after my vacation to Sydney last year. I started seeing little moisture spots in it and it became horribly worst in a few months.

I particularly choose the filters I put on my lenses. I take care of my gear and don't intend to use what called UV filter for lens protection. I do have my photography style and can't accept adapting extra glass on my expensive lenses that might Kill the quality, sharpness and essentially introducing some color cast. At the same time I wouldn't like to invest any more in filters I barely use a couple of times a year. So I looked on eBay and Amazon for filters on a budget and definitely wanted to try new brands. Got nothing to lose this time.

Eventually, I had eyes on Zomei ND1000 Multi-Coated PRO II Check out in depth some sample Images with Zomei ND1000 ON: Catch me on Instagram:

The packaging looks quite elegant. and the Filter itself is very slim. This version has a density of ND1000 / Reducing 10 Stops of light. Another copy of ND64 6 Stops is available as well.the company makes other lower models. However, this copy is Double side Multi-Coated that means it is Anti-reflection, WATER REPELLENT / ANTI-OIL / ANTI-DUST / ANTI-SOIL, and Scratch resistant. Made of High-Quality Optical Glass, that we've seen it earlier in testing.It is very slim, 3.1mm thickness and made of Aviation Aluminum the material used for making aircraft.Super light weight: 26 grams / 1 ounce. And if you own couple different lenses with different filter thread size just buy a large Filter size such as 77 or 82mm even when your lens filter size is smaller and use step up filter on your current lens. Gonna cost you $1 or $2 for each on eBay.This could save the bank and makes you use the same filter on all your lenses or even when upgrading to new lenses in the future. no need to buy new filters at all.

As I put the filter on the test, the focus is locked and White Balance is locked as well to 5250 Kelvin. Lens Image Stabilization is OFF. First impressions: the filter introduced the blue color cast and some extra vignette like mostly every ND Filter. But definitely can fix that in Lightroom.... Some edits, and it roughly becomes similar to the original image without a filter. Sharpness remain similar. The original photo has already some chromatic aberration on the right side of the palm and still existed when ND 1000 is on. Everything else remains the same. Here is another sharpness test on the wall at f8. As for zooming into 100%, sharpness remains the same all over the image. Brilliant!