meet Omar

Hello there!
This is Omar. I do Photography, Motion Graphics, and Videos. Based in UAE.

I make videos, Tutorials, and Reviews on youtube. Love to capture stunning Landscape, Cityscape, and delicious Food.
Started photography back in 2008, highly learned from various experiments, from people and professional critics.

Back in the days in parallel with my studies I started marking Motion Graphics in a production house in the beautiful North of Lebanon and promoted later to Filmmaker and Video Director Role. That gave me the chance to deal with different projects and materials.

Speaking of Photography, mimicking the reality as possible while editing images is required to remain photos looking realistic. Over enhancing isn't really passable to viewers since it looks fake, cheap and unprofessional.

To me, it is out of the question publishing images I’m not proud of. No doubt how hard getting rid of hundreds of images I may like and keep out them of my portfolio. Yet do only publish the best of your work.


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Omar Ghomrawi
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