As much as I like Sony Cameras, I extremely hate their viewfinder eye cup! It is hard, solid and uncomfortable for long photo shoots.
I particularly use the viewfinder for most of my shoots. If you shoot in live view mode using the screen skip this video and watch anot...

These are my 2 favorite Lenses for Sony APS-C cameras.
Sigma 16mm & 30mm f1.4 DC DN

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The Nifty fifty f1.8 is canon most selling lens and as you thinking to switch to Sony, this video will show and help you to know how it performs versus its copy from Sony.

Get a Sony 50mm f1.8
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16-35 is the first lens I pack for traveling.16mm focal length is insanely nice on FULL FRAME Cameras. I just love it.
As Landscape and Cityscape Photographer I do image bracketing and use a tripod most of the time. On the other hand, I need sharp picture from edge to...

Vello BG-S6 Battery Grip for Sony a9 a7 III Series First Impression

This is not sponsored video, I technically bought it from my own money and have paid shipping fees from the US.On this channel, we make gear reviews and photography Tutorials. So if you're new here cons...

How bad is Sony a7 iii Long Exposure ?!

The a7 iii has received numerous positive reviews, and mostly none mention this issue! Except for one article.
Well, This is the story.. and If you don’t know me I live in Dubai. Last week I travelled 5 hours by car to this beaut...

In today's video, I'm comparing the new Hero 7 Black with the 5 Black side by side, in all terms starting from Image Quality to Video and Audio Quality..

The upgrade from the HERO4 Black to the HERO5 Black was a big jump, while hero 6 didn't offer remarkable offer muc...

If you recently switched to a7 3, you probably got the kit lens with it. This is a detailed comparison side by side that shows the difference between the kit lens and Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f4.

I got the kit lens first and have been told Hey don't waste your money, don't ge...

B&H has a dedicated department for used gear. And today I’m sharing my experience with B&H used Department.
On this channel, I make gear reviews and photography tutorials, so if you're new here, consider subscribing, and if you’re already a subscriber, thank you fo...

In 2018, I sold entirely my Canon frame gear, and switched from Canon DSLR to Sony mirrorless system.

Does it worth the switch ?

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High ISO RAW Files
High ISO Video Footage

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